Other Animals I've Met

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     Tree Hugger
     - I met this Red Ruffed Lemur at
     the San Francisco Zoo
     Card # 26

     Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk
     - flying over Highway 1 near Davenport, California
     Card # 28

     Niles, the Abyssinian cat
     - he suspects someone has been sipping from his glass
     Card # 6e

     Miffed Cliff Swallow nesting on a barn,
     pretending to be a Barn Swallow
     Card # 29

     Juvenile Elephant Seals frolicking in the shallows
     at Ano Nuevo State Park, CA
     Card # 27


     Niles the Abyssinian cat
     - says "What mouse?"
     Card # 31

     Burrowing Owl - this little owl was 6-8 inches tall. 
     I interrupted him while he was attempting rodent
     control in the wet lands at the south end of San
     Francisco Bay
     Card # 6f


   OMG!  More cute animals
   coming soon!

Questions?   Click here to email me at:  devon@cattell.net

Last Modified:  May 30, 2019