California Mule Deer
(Named for their large mulish ears, not mulish personalities)


These gentle deer live in the redwood forest by my home in Boulder Creek, California.  They stop by every day and fill me in on the neighborhood gossip, and as I get to know them I give them all names.  On this page I have pictures of:
Bette Davis - the doe with the big eyes
Billy Buck - Bette's baby buck
Ally the Alien Doe - with even larger eyes than Bette's like an alien
Psi twins - Bold Psi and Shy Psi - Ally's beautiful fawns with a Psi (ψ) sign on their foreheads
- Shy Psi's psi symbol is pretty faint, and Bold Psi's is clear to see.

The Psi-twins are about a month old in the photos below and are quite small - about 1-2 feet tall.  The fawns stay with their mothers for up to two years and then they go off to find their own territories, but Bette and Ally have been with me for at least 5 years.

And for those wanting to know how I took these photos - it was with a long lens and a *lot* of time and patience.

These photos are available as 5" by 7" greeting cards:
   $2 each wholesale (add 8 percent tax for retail)  plus S&H

2014  Devon Cattell, Unauthorized use or reproduction prohibited

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     OMG! - Psi-Twins gossiping
     Card # 11a

     Bold-Psi is surreptitious
     See the Psi (ψ) sign on his forehead?
     Card # 25

     Shy-Psi sees me
     Card # 23

     Shy-Psi and Ally kissing at sunset
     Card # 20

     Psi-twins grooming in the forest
     Card # 8

     Billy, Bette's baby buck
     telling Bette secrets
     Card # 5

     Bette displaying bad manners
     Card # 1

     Psi-twins grooming in the meadow
     Card # 9

     Billy the buck wants me to
     come out and play
     Card # 4


     Psi-twins hiding behind mom
     Card # 11

     Psi-twins kiss
     Card # 12

     Psi-twins telling secets
     Card # 13

     Psi-twins touching noses
     Card # 14

     Billy the baby buck
     learning to dance
     Card # 3

     Psi-twins hear someone
     Card # 10

     Shy-Psi looking in wonder at the world
     Card # 24

     The famous Boulder Creek Tilting Deer (Bette & Billy)
     we see things at a different angle in Boulder Creek
     Card # 6

     Shy-Psi hiding behind Ally
     - my personal favorite
     Card # 21

     Billy the buck as a yearling,
     dressed up in his velvet-covered antlers
     Card # 2

     Shy-Psi resting in the meadow
     Card # 22

     Meeky is curious about me
     Card # 30

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Last Modified:  May 30, 2019