California Sea Otters

Sammy the Sea Otter lives in Moss Beach, California.  I've been photographing him for 5 years now.  He's had
several wives during this time and a friend of mine even saw one of them giving birth there.

For those wanting to know how I took these photos - it was with a long lens and a *lot* of time and patience.

These photos are available as 5" by 7" greeting cards:
   $2 each wholesale (add 8 percent tax for retail)  plus S&H

2014  Devon Cattell, Unauthorized use or reproduction prohibited

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     Sammy the Sea Otter says:
     Card # 18

    Sammy the Sea Otter says:
     "I can't look!"
     Card # 15

     Blondie says:
     "All right, Mr. De Mille,
     I'm ready for my closeup,"
     Card # 5g

     Sammy the Sea Otter
     snoozing in the sea lettuce.
     And yes, I asked a marine biologist
     and that really is "sea lettuce."
     Card # 16


     Sammy the Sea Otter
     imitating an angel.
     Card # 17

     Blondie says:
     "I'm sooo pretty!"
     Card # 5c

     Blondie says:
     Card # 5e


     Sammy the Sea Otter
     sleeping in the rain.
     I had to get very wet
     to get this shot.
     Card # 19

     Blondie says:
     "I can't look!"
     Card # 5f


     Blondie says:
     Card # 5a

     Blondie says:
     "I'm not listening!"
     Card # 5b

     Sammy junior tells Mrs. Sammy secrets
     Card # 6d

     Mrs. Sammy and Sammy junior see me
     Card # 6c

     Sammy doesn't believe in flossing
     Card # 14a

    In a philosophical mood, Blondie says:
    "Hear no evil. 
     See no evil.
     Speak no evil."
     Card # 5d



   Coming soon:
   Sammy's table manners

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